Monday, April 28, 2008

What Should We Do Today?

I'm just watching TV and feeling like a Fat Cat today.
Maybe those days when I'm out of my normal routine take their toll on me? Don't know. But my brain isn't fully functional yet. So I shall be back when it is. OK? Cool :)


Just checked my other email address and realized I've got quite a nice list of readers for my Alerts! Thanks guys!! You can join here if you haven't yet.
Now ... I need something exciting to alert you all about.

I think I've gotten a bit spoiled lately.
Am sitting here, watching TV, having a drink and still continue to make money.
And for that I should complain???
Probably not, so maybe I'm just bored.
Are you bored?
Are you making money on the net?
Drop me an email and let me know.



HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...that cat looks like I feel! It could almost be me in the pic if I had hair a little longer, ya know?

Nothing wrong with making money while just hangin' out, is there?

Pretty cool I'd say!

missi said...

Hi Blondie

Shame your bored there. If you were closer i could bring around a board game (and no Im not trying to make a lame funny....). Bored making money online... hmm I m not sure Ive earnt enough to make that statement... Its still effort for me at this stage. lol. So far so good with 10dollarswonder... Ive made just over $600 since you helped me join in january and when my positions cycle once more I will hit 100 positions. YAY! Have a great day. Smile its contageous.

js said...

I hear you Blondie! Loud and clear. Am doing the same thing. These days I don't have to do much to earn money on the 'net. So am bored. Watching TV and so on. Even lazy to update my blog for Buddha's sake! Oh and Christ's!


blondie said...

Jim, you always make my day :D

Missi, the board game actually sounds like fun. Thanks for posting. And I am so glad I helped you to get involved with 10DW. I KNEW it would pay off! You go girl !!!

JS, bored making money. So sad, aren't we? haha

Thanks guys for posting!

naphtali said...

Hi Judy. i just read your comment in MMG. first time for me there. i hope i'm one of your 15-20 VERY active referrals! Ha Ha. Also you and Js don't have to rub it in for the rest of us who have to work everyday. Peace,

blondie said...

Hey Greg,
Of Course you're one of my VERY active referrals in 10dw!
Yeah I check into MMG once per day to see what others are saying or to answer questions.
And js and I sure didn't mean to 'rub it it' about making money.
We were just bored.
Be glad you have someone and somewhere that needs you every day.

Mike and Christy said...

So Blondie, I was just wondering how much income are you earning per month? Is it in the 1-5k range or 5k+. You don't have to tell me I was just curious.


Michael Skinner said...

Hey Blondie,
Why haven't my e2epay positions been transferred yet? They quit cycling there on March the 8th. The Money is showing up in my new 10DW account but the multiple positions are not showing up so nothing is cycling. I've written countless emails concerning this issue. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

blondie said...

I'm doing well and paying my bills. What more could I ask for?


Michael Skinner,
I know I know I know!
Writing countless emails are not going to speed up the e2ePay transfer process either.
I miss the program as well as I was earning about twice as much from e2epay as in 10dollarswonder.
He's working hard on the Transfer. And has been ill for weeks. So we all just have it wait it out. Nothing else we can do.
Stay Tuned for more.
I'll post as soon as I know something.