Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day and updates

It's Earth Day today.
Not sure what extra things I can do for Earth Day, but I'll google it and figure something out.


Checked my 10DollarsWonder accounts. Still nothing with regards to the moved positions from e2ePay. But there is a new update on the site, so you might want to log in and check it out. It's only about withdrawals (in case you were wondering :)

As for me, I just noticed some of my positions bought on 11/23/07 (the re-launch day) have in fact doubled now. And growing. Nice to know.

active752007-11-23 15:38:471195850172-EG1203$ 20.30
active762007-11-23 15:17:551195849062-RP1205$ 20.50

For those who don't understand the 70 Cycle wording ... it simply means each position you or someone else purchases (or re-purchases) cycles 70 others. If YOU do the purchase/re-purchase, you will cycle yourself 11 (out of the 70) on the one you just bought. It'll take a few hours though, so be patient.
And the Maximum Daily Purchase is 500 positions. Daily. Not Total. OK?


DRW is doing good. Advertising my favorite programs while earning a share of the daily profits. And thanks to my referrals, I've earned enough to purchase another package from my "cash balance". So am now earning the daily % from 3 packages. Very cool.


All my bills are paid for the month :))
And it's supposed to be Warm, Dry, Sunny and Windy today. So I'd better hold onto my hair when I go out later. ha!


I visit P-2-P* every day to check my account. They've opened their own Forum, but you must be an active member to access it. I've registered but have not taken the time to visit yet. Maybe I can squeeze it in today.
*if you want to know more about it, you must ask me for my link.


Better get ready to go out ... before I run out of toilet paper.

Happy Earth Day !!!


HermitJim said...

Blondie...glad you are starting to get a little Spring weather at your place. Almost Summer here!

Hey,you don't want to run out of the all important "people-paper" cause you know what they say...

The job ain't finished till the paper work's done!

blondie said...


Jim !!!

Myrna said...

Judy - I wrote about toilet paper in the prev blog - have a read.

blondie said...

I did Myrna :)

And that trip was 4 yrs ago eh?
I do remember when you took that trip and you're right, I think we had just met.
What were we playing back then?
One of those doublers or maybe 12dailypro? Or maybe 10dw's first program that I got involved with?

Oh well .. time flies, that's for sure!
CYA :))