Saturday, April 12, 2008

Howdy Friends and Neighbors :))

I'm back!
Would like to say I enjoyed my 'day off', but I just needed to get some things done around here. Had to shop for socks, get gasoline ($40 barely got me 3/4 tank), and do more shopping for groceries.
Will have Crazy Lou Dog here ALL next week, so was just trying to get ready for her. It'll be fun ... I hope :)


Has anyone seen any "movement" in your New or 2nd 10DollarsWonder account yet? You know, the transferred one from e2ePay? Let us all know if you do. I don't see anything changed on my end, but just read that someone else does. Hmmm Maybe he needs a nap. hahaha


Speaking of 10DollarsWonder ... I received a really nice note about it the other day and wanted to share a part of it with you. (can't share it all or I would be giving away who wrote it, which I shouldn't do, ok?)
So here's what she wrote:

" ..... There is so much out there I am skeptic on being new to the Internet money making arena Im cautious before trying many things. You and Chung have both earnt my trust and respect online, the first 2 people ever to gain trust and respect for being honest people on here that I have deal with, which is why I turn to you. Anyway Im sure you are busy so will end my chapter for the day here. Do not feel the need to rush reply.

Take care and thanks for getting me started with 10 dw. Without your initial support I doubt I would have taken the jump into any Internet program, and I feel that this was a positive step in the right direction. Also I was wondering where do I add my email address to be put on your Alerts List. I am very interested in getting your alerts when they happen."

Ok, back to me.
When this person wanted to "try" 10DollarsWonder, she was a bit short in her e-gold account and wanted 2 positions. I did help her with the couple of extra bucks she needed. No big deal. She is a very sweet person and if there is something that I am Confident In .. this is the one!
So that's all. Just wanted to share a warm fuzzy with ya.


I've learned that before you "Cold Call" someone about a product or program, you better make sure they are NOT on the National Do Not Call Registry. Ignoring the "list" could cost you big time. So WHY am I getting so many phone calls from "Internet Marketers" that I've never heard of AND that I did NOT ask to call me? Huh?

Your phone number with the last four digits 1022 was most recently registered in the National Do Not Call Registry on May 04, 2007. Most telemarketers will be required to stop calling you 31 days from your registration date."


I may be back a bit later with some updates. We'll see how it goes.
If not, you all have a great Saturday!


HermitJim said...

Blondie, I for one am glad you're back! Now I have something to read again...! Thanks for sharing the "warm fuzzy" with us...we can all use one of those from time to time (BTW, were the new socks for you, or for Lou Dog...? Just wondering?)

blondie said...

Socks on Lou Dog would last about 2 seconds, if that long :)

Ah Jim,
I get a warm fuzzy here every day reading notes and comments.
Thanks for stickin with me :)

Sorry I didn't have much to write about today. Maybe later eh?

Will said...


At least you have something to say. I am not seeing any movement with my second 10dollars, but my first positions is still moving.


blondie said...

Yes Will, he's still working on all the transfer stuff. Takes time :(

And Yes, I have something to say ... and you're glad? A lot of men think women talk too much! hahaha

Thanks for the visit!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy!!!

How r u?

Also stiil waiting for new 10wd action

The Netherlands